Your Sneakie Peak At The 2017 Toys


The London Toy Fair 2017 was jam-packed with new toys so I took as many photos as I could.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of the toys to come this year.

My Fairy Garden

My Fairy Garden Watering Can (fully working), Unicorn Meadow, and Unicorn and Friends is available now in stores.  My favourite product though from this range was the Joy and Hope Magic Bean Pots, priced between £7-10.  The bean has ‘Hope’ or ‘Joy’ printed on the outside and when it grows the words can still be seen on the plant.  Genius! Loved this product a lot and makes a perfect birthday gift or stocking filler.

Peppa Pig BrainBox (The Green Board Game Co.)

Fans of Peppa Pig will love this Peppa Pig Brainbox, released Jan 20th 2017, and available online now for £11.99.  A fab addition to this range of games.

Leaps and Ledges (Green Board Game Co)

The other game that caught my attention was Leaps and Ledges, due for release in March, priced around £30. The idea is to get your game piece to the top of the tower first, and each player takes a card from the pack to either help or hinder ascent.  Looks great fun; I can see my 2 boys loving it!

This Q-BA Maze is also a new product coming out this year, rather similar to the familiar marble run, but with a difference as you can create a maze in any form such as animals, robots, towers, and geometric shapes. Click on the link to see some amazing examples.

Shrinkles (Keycraft)

Shrinkles are getting a make-over.  New-style packs are being released next month (Feb) priced at £10 for large sets which include a variety of fixings (keyrings, badges, cufflinks), and £5 for the smaller playsets.

Magnoidz (Keycraft)

New affordable science sets with good clear project books, priced at £12.

GoGoPo (Keycraft)

A new range of fun and colourful boys and girls stationary to rival Smiggle will be available this year. 

Paint Sticks (Little Brian)

Paint Sticks are a great invention for mess free play.  The original sets were released last year but they are about to hit Asda shelves this March.  A new metallic range and day-glow range is also being released this month. Priced at £4.99 for 6 and £7.99 for 12.

Momot Clever Paper (Spinmaster)

These Momot Clever Paper folding packs are available from October 2017 and look amazing! Packs are priced at £10 for any size; there are large single figure packs and then packs that include 3-4 smaller figures. They are really eye-catching and look well made.

40th Anniversary Star Wars (Revell)

3 new Revell Star Wars sets are being released for the 40th Anniversary this year.  The Star Destroyer is £89.99, Tie Fighter £29.99, and the Landspeeder £29.99. Expect many more 40th Anniversary toys throughout the year.

Bush Tucker Trial 

Ever fancied having a go at your very own Bush Tucker Trial? Well…happy days…as now you can…just let me know how it goes!

Janod Wooden Toys

Janod have a new range of wooden toys available including this lovely camera and mobile, complete with sound effects, mini story playsets, and gorgeous kitchen and market stall sets.


Magformers has had to compete with imitation and counterfeit products for sales and so has tried to develop their product to make it the more appealing option for parents with moving figures, cogs, wheels, lights.

New out is the Neon Light set which children can use to make amazing light up shapes, even a night light for their bedroom!  The LED light is rechargeable via USB and has 8 different colours.

The new Magformers Dino Sets are out in the Summer 2017 with 3 dinosaurs in the range so far – Reno (Tyrannosaurus) , Tego (Stegosaurus), and Cera (Triceratops). There are also extension packs for families who already own Magformers so that the dinosaurs can be built out of the pieces you already own, costing you less.

Finally, a train set is in development with the Magformers making up the train track.

There are some gorgeous new Playmobil sets out this year.  In fact, every toy on the Playmobil stand was new so I had lots to photograph.  My favourite this year has to be the Egyptian set – it is simply stunning!

The Pony Farm (16th Jan)

New Keyring sets (6th Feb)

New Starter Sets out 16th January

Gladiator Set

Gocart Garage Set

Wedding Set

Super 4 sets (6th Feb)

New Police Station (3rd Apr)

Forest Life (6th Mar)

Construction (6th Mar)

Cruise Ship Set (3rd Apr)

City Airport (1st May)

Summer Camp (1st May)

African Safari (5th Jun)

Princess Dream Castle

(3rd Jul)

New Advent Calendars (4th Sept)


This new Magicube design is by the same company that make Geomag sets.  Each cube has moving magnets inside that connect the blocks together to make shapes and patterns. Some sets have magnetic clip add-ons that can stick onto the cubes to add to imaginative play.  There are also younger sets available for children to make simple shapes like an apple or a cow.  Great design – really liked these.

Disney & Marvel (Posh Paws International)

Tsum Tsum have a whole new range coming out in stages throughout the year, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Muppets, Nemo, and Peter Pan.

Mickey and The Roadster Racers is a new TV series airing on The Disney Channel this year with a new range of toys and plush coming to stores.


Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is also released in April this year so expect a whole range of products alongside this.

Disney Cars 3 is released in June this year and a whole range of merchandise is planned, including this range of plush toys.  New Disney backpacks, soft Disney Princess dolls, and baby toys will also be available this year.

TY Soft Toys

Look what I spied on the shelf at the TY stand.  New Paw Patrol range out this year.

Hot Wheels

A new range of Fast and Furious Hot Wheels cars is out this year.

Monopoly (Hasbro)

Several new versions of Monopoly are out this year, including this lovely BFG set.

Zomlings (Magicbox)

Small collectibles are so popular right now so its no wonder that this new range of Zomlings (series 5) is being pushed with new advertising. I popped into my local Tesco and they are already on the shelves.

Learning Resources

Lots of new toys for 2017 from learning resources.  Particularly love these Gears Gears Gears! sets aimed at 4+. There are 3 sets in the new range – a Deluxe Pink set, a Robot Factory set and a Space Explorers set.

The Latch and Learn School House Playset aso looks great, encouraging childrens’ fine motor skills by learning to use locks, switches, bolts and more, but also helping develop numbers, counting, time, letters, shapes and colour skills.

The Play Foam also looked really good and was a really interesting texture. There were alphabet and number sets available but also packs which could be used just for fun to make princesses, planes, trains etc and encourage imaginative play.

Cheatwell Games

The Squeeze Popper has been out for a while but there are 2 new additions to the range, the unicorn and the gnome. Great fun, work really well, and would make perfect stocking fillers.

Grow Aliens (HGL)

These Hatch’n’Grow Aliens come in several sizes, the smallest egg starting at just 58p and the largest egg at £10. The aliens are actually rather large in size once grown; one alien actually filled an entire fish tank! Another great stocking filler.

Shopkins (Flair)

Shopkins is finally merging the Shopkins Collectibles and the Shoppies dolls in the new playsets this year. The Party Arcade Game set and Hot Spot Kitchen set is out February 2017.  Other Shopkins sets coming out this year include a Wedding Party Collection, a Princess Party Collection, Birthday Cake Surprise, Sparkle Clean Washer, and a Nice’n’Icy Fridge.

Toilet Trouble (Hasbro)

It seems that companies are vying to create the next Pie Face, and this is Hasbro’s latest offering – Toilet Trouble. Players spin the toilet roll, whatever number it lands on they then have to flush the handle that number of times, and just hope that they don’t get sprayed with toilet water. This came out January 2017.




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