Unleash Your Inner Wizard With Potion Explosion


Unleash Your Inner Wizard With Potion Explosion


Potion Explosion is a fantastic new family board game, manufactured by Horrible Games. My hubby and I played this through the other night to see how it worked and absolutely loved it!

Game Play

The idea is that you are a student in potions class and have to brew different potions in order to win skill tokens and become Student of the Year. Each potion has a point score and the higher the potion score the more chance you have of winning the game.  Standard game so far, right??

But what made this game really unique – and loads of fun – was the faux-wood ingredients dispenser (actually cardboard) with it’s brightly coloured potion ingredients – marbles!  Who doesn’t love marbles??? I was instantly transported back to being a child and just loved filling the dispenser to see all the marbles roll into place – small things! The dispenser itself is a lovely design but it does come apart a little too easily and, on occasions, we found that the lid needed lifting slightly to get the marbles to roll freely but otherwise it did it’s job and looks fabulous as you can see.

The idea here is that you take an ingredient (marble) from the dispenser and watch the other marbles fall – if they collide with other marbles of the same colour then that causes a potion explosion, enabling you to take more from the dispenser. Once potions have been brewed, you can then drink the potion – no, not really, as that would be dangerous and silly, but instead you turn your potion upside down – which gives you fantastic magical powers to help you win.

This was such a charming and entertaining game – I’d jump at the chance to play it again!

Pros: Great family fun, for ages 8+.

Lovely lookdesign with conical flasks, bunsen burners, dispenser and marbles.

Packs away nicely.

Cons: Dispenser does fall apart quite easily

Marbles can get trapped in the dispenser occasionally.

Priced between £40-50.

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