Qixels Grows Up(wards), The 3D Review


The Qixels 3D Maker, by Moose toys, was one toy that my two boys were adamant they wanted on their Christmas list, probably above all else. Both boys couldn’t wait to open up the 3D Maker, in fact my 6 year old tore at the box like some wild animal, leaving pieces of green cardboard remnants in his wake. So now it’s been unboxed, was it worth the wait? 

How Does It Work?

The Qixels 3D Maker allows you to make 3D shapes as the name suggests which, at the moment, is limited to animals, insects, and birds.  The 3D sets come with cubes, support cubes, a sorting tray, several templates, water tank and brush, and the Maker itself. The toy is neatly packaged, well-made with sturdy bright plastic, and comes with quite a few Qixel cubes so you can get started making several 3D shapes.  

The boys loved setting the frame up and were eager to get started on their first designs. It was a perfect toy for my 9 year old as, once he got the idea, he was able to complete his first shape with very little help from me. He was really chuffed with his design, although a bit frustrated that he had to wait for an hour to set, something that takes the original Qixels just a few minutes.

My 6 year old found it a little more complicated and frustrating though as he found it hard to see the pattern through the screen; he missed out a few of the single blocks when building his so pieces didn’t hold as well together. He did really enjoy making it though and it certainly held his concentration but I think he wanted to be a bit more independent like his brother. However, if you are after a toy where you can have some parent-child time, then this is it as we both worked on this and enjoyed problem solving it together. 

The Finished Pieces

The shapes came out fairly well.  One of the shapes needed a small amount of careful re-attaching as 1 or 2 of the cubes had come loose but I think that was down to the application of water in the initial construction; you need to be really generous when applying the water to each layer and that should reduce any problems when removing your shape from the unit.  The pieces are still complete after a week of play so quite sturdy overall.

Was It Worth The Wait?

Well, yes, I think so; I have two happy boys so that makes it a successful toy in my eyes. My youngest clutched his 3D shape in his hand for the majority of the following day and it ended up being taken to school to show his teacher that week.  He has been keen to make more of these too. My eldest hasn’t returned to the toy a week on though, but he assures me that he wants to make more so I think it was a hit with him too.

A clever idea that encourages parents to work with their children  – and that’s never a bad thing! Plus, it doesn’t need batteries….need I say more?? However, we have found that refills aren’t widely available and can be a little expensive at £9.99 so search around for a good price; the best we found was at Smyths Toys where they are £4.99.


Good price at £24.99

Comes with quite a few pieces to make several shapes

Nice, colourful, sturdy design.

Encourages parental involvement

Great finished pieces


Hard for little ones to see the outline of the shape through the plastic

Fiddly for little ones

Drying time of an hour

Needs LOTS of water to avoid it falling apart

Design can be a little wobbly as it gets higher

Harder to get refills and need to search for a good price

Can leave a little residue on the finished design

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